Reader.  Writer.  Secretly three raccoons in a trench coat with a twitter account.

My work has been described as “the perfect mix of captivating and hysterical,” “witty jeu d’esprit,” and “not a good fit for us at this time.”

Previously published stories can be found in the following journals and anthologies:

“It’s Your Lucky Day” (Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, May 2016)

“Descends Olympus” (Lit Select’s Legendary Stories, May 2016)

“About Last Night” (Alban Lake Publishing’s Confessions of a Shapeshifter, May 2016)

The Imprecise Art of Sidekick Acquisition” (The Flash Fiction Press, June 2016)

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (The Fable Online, September 2016)

“Full Moon at the New Bradsville Zoo” (Phantaxis Magazine, January 2017)

Snow Queen (Metaphorosis, January 2017; Metaphorosis: Best of 2017)

Dead Man’s Party” (The Fiction Pool, January 2017)

“Vanishing Point” (Triskaidekaphilia: Legendary, January 2017)

“Fire in the Woods” (The Society of Misfit Stories, February 2017; reprinted September 2018)

$Reward$ – found parrot (Bay area)” (The Flash Fiction Press, February 2017)

Mother’s Day” (Persistent Visions, April 2017)

“Save It for the Cameras” (Monster Brawl!, June 2017)

Ghost Town” (Obra/Artifact, July 2017)

“Queerest Club in London” (Crystal Queer, July 2017)

Toward the Banner of the King” (PseudoPod, September 2017)

Snow Queen” (The Literary Whip, December 2017)

“Howl at the Moon” (Reading 5×5, March 2018)

The Farmer’s Beautiful Daughter” (Corvid Queen, April 2018)

Time and Tide” (Corvid Queen, May 2018)

Real People” (Tales to Terrify, June 2018)

Of Witches and Wolves (Sword and Kettle Press, October 2018)

Heart of Stars” (Corvid Queen, November 2018)

“The First Act of Saint Bastard”  (Sword and Sorceress 33, November 2018)

“Packing House Blues” (Saw Palm, February 2019)

Gallows Apple” (Lammergeier, March 2019)

Silver Springs” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, May 2019)

Fortune Favors” (Swords and Sorcery Magazine, July 2019)

Shadow Bands” (Crimson Streets, August 2019)

Countertransference” (Aether & Ichor, September 2019)

Past-life Crisis” (Scarlet Leaf Review, October 2019)

Mockery of Birds” (Monsters Out of the Closet, December 2019)