Equus is now available for pre-order!

This was a wonderfully eclectic anthology, with practically any stripe of fantasy a grown-up weird horse girl could want on offer between the covers. I was partial to the kelpie variants, with Diana Hurlburt’s sweat-soaked Florida twist on the legendary beasts (“Eel and Bloom”) being a standout and Stephanie Cain’s “To Ride a Steel Horse” being a wonderful surprise. It was a pleasure to find that the stories ran the gamut of genres and tones, though–the copy isn’t kidding when it says the uniting factor is horses and the freedom they represent.

Equus has its share of horror, magical realism, high fantasy, and borderline science fiction, with no two tales having quite the same flavor; if one isn’t quite your cup of tea, the next is right there for you to try. Angela Rega’s unexpectedly wrenching “The Horse Witch” rubs shoulders with Cat McDonald’s bitter tribute to female anger in “The Last Ride of Hettie Richter,” and Susan MacGregor’s elegant trifle “Ladies Day” stands next to M.L.D Curelas’s white-knuckled science-fantasy mash-up “Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Heat-Ray.”

If you’ve always been maybe a little too into horses, do yourself a favor and slide this one into your to-read pile when it drops on July 18th!


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