Take-aways from Fantastic Beasts

  • The world can easily steal the scene if you let the special effects department get the bit between their teeth.  Absolutely gorgeous production.
  • The wizarding world is a waking nightmare full of capital punishment-happy, incompetent authoritarians.  Apparently political flavors come in “wizard supremacist” and “violent autocracy.”  So that was… fun?
  • The whole universe is one loopy specialist’s bright idea away from permanent brain damage.  I’m not entirely sure the American wizards’ embargo on magical animals so the mundane world doesn’t find out about them is coming at it from the right angle, there.
  • Still worth taking the family to go see, if you get a chance.

Enjoy your holiday, folks!


Saturday thoughts

It’s important not to be afraid of being derivative in private writing exercises.  This is where we have our best chance of taking the writing of someone we admire and envy and winnowing out precisely what it is about their work that speaks to us so deeply.  This is where we have our best chance of experimenting until we can reproduce that effect in our own work, in our own way.  We can only get there by trying, failing, and trying again, which is only going to happen if we can be patient with ourselves during the process.

The Neon Demon is out on DVD now, which means you too can experience a two-hour feverdream driven primarily by its own relentless aesthetic.

Does it make a lick of sense? No, it does not.

Is it disturbing? Invariably.

Does it culminate in a weird vampire orgy? Yes, it does.

It’s a gorgeous mess of a film, but I think it’s earned its place in the cannibal pantheon.