We now have Art!

The cover art has finally dropped for Reading 5×5!


Release date for Reading 5×5 has been set as March 5th!  I’m very pleased with how this project turned out–lots of variation in all genres, and lots of variation in all the briefs!

Snow Queen” is now under discussion on The Literary Whip!

The Literary Whip is a great podcast that lets editors dig deep into why a piece didn’t make the cut for publication, even though they loved it, or it was strongly considered, or a million other reasons.  It’s a rare look into the final rounds of constructing a special issue or putting a finer edge on a publication’s voice, and I’m thrilled this piece was selected for the podcast.

Take a listen and see for yourselves!

Reading 5×5

I just got my finalized draft in to the Reading 5×5 crew, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finalized version in just a week or two.  The art’s gorgeous, the project’s great, and we’ll be unleashing this thing on the world by the end of January.

I just got an email from the people at The Literary Whip podcast, and I’m extremely excited to see their take on “Snow Queen.”

I originally submitted the story for the NonBinary Review‘s Hans Christian Andersen issue, but I was intrigued by the premise of the podcast that had, at the time, only just begun.  It’s turned into a great series, and it’s fascinating to see editors talk about stories that almost made the cut, but not quite, and discuss what ultimately guided their decisions.

I really can’t say how please I am to have finally seen this podcast come to life!  I didn’t originally intend the work to be read aloud, so in addition to the normal process of writing and revising the piece, I also got to consult with a pair of friends who work primarily in staged performance in terms of what would work and what would create unnecessary barriers to a spoken-word performance of the piece.

It was an eye-opening experience, and I’m immensely grateful for both their advice and the new experience!