You can’t keep a good detective down!

Crimson Streets will be publishing a new short story of which I’m particularly proud.  It’s got everything you could possibly ask for–occult detectives, magical mischief, and people who have absolutely no business dabbling in forces beyond their ken dabbling their hearts out.  Keep an eye out for “Shadow Bands” this fall!

So many lovely new irons in the fire, my friends!

“Silver Springs” now has a home–Beneath Ceaseless Skies!  As wonderful as it always is to successfully place a story I genuinely loved writing, I’m especially thrilled with this acceptance.  BCS is a great publication, and I think the thorough and thoughtful editing process is a big part of why.

New story dropping soon!

I’ve been selected as the featured writer for the upcoming issue of Lammergeier with the new short story “Gallows Apple”!

I’m thrilled to find a home for this story, as it came out of the aftershocks of writing Of Witches & Wolves (Sword and Kettle Press, 2018) and is, thematically speaking, the tarnished and chilling side of that pretty silver coin.

Look for Lammergeier #1 in March 2019!